The Campaign

Last week the Campaign for making appointments releated to Time IT were completed.

The Marketing Services organization Cantab in Amsterdam approached about 160 potential customers. They got in touch with people within an organization responsible for Project Implementation and Management. This has led to interesting conversations and natural events.

Below are some responses from people speaking the attention of several companies using conventional methods:

* Mr. A says that in the past they made use of MS Excel, but there were many problems. Schedules were largely still to be done, but a roadmap gets more complicated when multiple activities are included.

* For complex projects they often use MS Projects. Mr. B sees that MS Projects is too static and that it is sensitive to errors when something is changed. In particular, the changes to be made sometimes cost a lot of time.

Mr. C indicates that they work with MS Excel or MS Projects. These are programs which, according to some extent Mr. C sufficient capability. However, if there are shifts or other parts of the project be modified, it can sometimes cause problems.

* Mr. D know that one house has been working to find a system which one can deal effectively with project management. Here’s an important role played by a simple system that prepares a roadmap. In addition, good control and oversight to activities in the project. Mr. D indicates that they are using MS Excel, but this is only because there is no better system for hands. Excel roadmaps soon confusing and mistakes are made at the time held any changes or delays.

* Mr. X indicated that for the larger projects use MS Projects. This means 20, 30 or 40 steps in a plan. Furthermore it for small projects using Word, this is for projects less than 5 days. Mr. X said that he is working sometimes half a day on creating a roadmap for the big and sometimes one day.

Mr. Y indicates that changes in Excel or Word always leads to errors. Copy actions also lead to large errors in the formulas. Eventually we see the mistakes themselves and not one gets Excel blind. Overview higher level is almost impossible and only creates more errors.

Use a package that originally intended, it is much bigger advantage.

Ultimately, this campaign has led to the following result:


At the moment, there are various contacts with potential customers instead. Ultimately the intention that we can go give a demo. Visually of course says more than 1000 words on paper.

The intention is to return to run this campaign in June to more than 200 potential customers.

Next few weeks are still several recalls conducted with intent to make an appointment.