The human factor

Availability of people

Speed, overview, consistency – these are the critical success factors for the creation of any project planning. Time IT makes it possible.

The core of any Project planning

  • who does what?
  • what does every employee actually do?
  • how much time does he/she need?
  • who depends on whom?
  • what is a priority, what can wait? (order)
  • how does it stay clear to everyone?
  • which procedures are at the base of the activities?
  • are there specific comments important in the application?

Linking to diaries

When creating a project planning you of course need reliable information on the availability of the employees. Time IT makes that availability clear. How? By linking the diary of every employee to the Outlook diary, synchronised with the Exchange Server.

Insight per employee

With Time IT you also can check – by employee – which work they have already done. That is possible in the ongoing or standby project plans.

Clear communication

Time IT enables pre-defining messages that help with the direction and information of management and/or users.

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