Who uses Time IT

Widely applicable

Time IT is developed for each sector. It does not matter which action plan must be made. Because Time IT facilitates interactive and direct communication, it is applicable for each trajectory.

  • Software companies
  • Software consultants
  • Temping agencies
  • Outsourcing organisations
  • Organisations with own ICT department
  • Organisations that organise events
  • Organisations that manage computer facilities
  • Organisations that have to compile a calamities scenario
  • Companies that develop, test and implement software at clients
  • Organisations that plan their activities and inform clients of the progress

Time IT is versatile

You will see which aspects play a part in an action plan. We also give you a general overview for what Time IT can be used. Managers of service providing project agencies can remotely manage ‘field’ employees from the home base with Time IT.


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