Extra module ”Disaster” available!

As already mentioned the extra module “Disaster” can be used in emergencies such as fire, Bomb, etc.

But because of the use of functions / roles in previously built templates, this module also used for other emergencies within the infrastructure of an organization such as a network disruption, computer failure, a Datacenter Relocation, etc.

The principle is very simple. It builds in advance based on a template functions / roles. In the template, all data is processed as the activities to be undertaken, time required, procedures / work instructions, communication messages, etc.

See below an example of a (still incomplete) template.

Example disaster reallocation

If the template can be completely built using the emergency mode (if authorized), call the appropriate template. They will see the matrix below.

Matrix disaster

The matrix is dynamically constructed a.h.v. the predefined functions and related staff. Only when all functions in the template are completed and all functions associated with the necessary staff, the “contingency plan” immediately be put into operation. All pre-defined issues such as communication messages, comments and / or procedures / work instructions or diagrams of the configuration are automatically included.

This means that the module for each type of disaster can be deployed in several organizations. And of course, is a disaster not to you, but be prepared!