Each project of any volume and complexity requires an action plan. Around a scenario which describes and plans everything in detail.

Whether it is a functional upgrade plan, migration trajectories, an implementation trajectory of new programmes, the organisation of an event or the creation of a calamity plan – Time IT can help drawing up the action plan and managing it. Structured, consistent and detailed. And crystal clear to all those involved.
The result? Your organisation saves time and money. `for more information contact us using this form.

What is Time IT

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Controlling a collection of activities / tasks!

Every organization will regularly manage activities or tasks. Only the question is, how does one do that now? How much time does it cost you not only to prepare everything, but also in terms of execution? “Someone told me that an activity in terms of control / follow-up takes about 5 minutes on time. When […]

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Extra module ”Disaster” available!

As already mentioned the extra module “Disaster” can be used in emergencies such as fire, Bomb, etc. But because of the use of functions / roles in previously built templates, this module also used for other emergencies within the infrastructure of an organization such as a network disruption, computer failure, a Datacenter Relocation, etc. The […]

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Which aspects play a role in a runbook?

All the aspects that are important for a runbook are showed in the picture below. The pivot around which aspects of course is the “virtual” communication that takes place both through innovative techniques via TEXT and email messages. It also indicate for which purposes Time IT can be used both inside and outside IT.

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New version of Time IT is NOW available!

The newer version of Time IT (2.2) where the features are extensive, is available NOW! Previous Time IT was only Time driven, since July 2011 we can choose now per group for controlling the activities by Time or Employee driven. Time IT is the first system in the Netherlands to a full planning and deployment […]

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