Emergency plan


As a Manager, do you want to sleep peacefully? Do you want to be prepared for a disruption? Do you want to be in control?

An accident is in a small corner!

Safety First!

Fire, evacuation, resuscitation, power interruptions, explosions, water damage … irrespective of the calamity, it is important that the direct person in charge can immediately direct the right people. Safety First!

Directing the right people

Time IT has created a calamity plan for fire together with those directly involved. With the pre-defined messages the right people can be directed in case of calamity. The timely and full information of employees and management is crucial. In the matrix – built from the pre-defined roles in the template concerned – the right people are selected.

Emergency situation? It is then a requirement that the correct calamity plan is immediately applied. Time IT provides special functions, where the date, time and those directly involved are adapted.

Exercises with Time IT

The Calamities module is also very suited for the planning of a calamity exercise. In view of the many functions of Time IT you are given access by logging (how does everything function in the exercise?).

All those involved are simultaneously trained in the execution of their tasks. By adding comments the calamity can be better assessed afterwards. The log book enables improvement of the process in future.

Emergency plan

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