Excel or Time IT?

Organising a perfect event is quite a challenge for the project managers! And that’s not to mention the management. Many organisations use Excel to make a scenario. With Time IT it is much better and easier.

Organising events – in particular with management of those involved ­– is time confusing. And errors are looming. The timing often is wrong and start times, transition times and end times quickly appear inconsistent. All not very clear. Understandable, because Excel is a calculation programme and not made for the creation of a scenario, and even less for directing people.

Save time and money

Time IT is a proven method, packaged in an advanced programme. That makes planning events many times more efficient. And all those involved know exactly what they have to do – and when. That enables you to save time and money And at least as important: you keep your customers happy!

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We invite you for an informative demo. We gladly show you how efficiently you can work with Time IT. How easy it is to inform your client. For example when a specific phase is finished. Or if you exceed the planning, how to take action immediately.

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